What is the difference in fathering between your earthly father and God, your Father?

One English-language dictionary offers this explanation of “human”:

“  1. Of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people: [for example] human frailty.
   2. consisting of people: the human race; a human being...

“Human may refer to that which is, or should be, characteristic of human beings. In thus describing characteristics, human may refer to good and bad traits (human kindness; human weakness).”

“When emphasis is placed upon the latter [the bad traits, the weaknesses], human is thought of as contrasted to divine: “To err is human, to forgive divine .” [Or, as an apology or a justification] “He was only human.”

Ephesians 3:15 says that all fathers, all fatherhood, is named after the only perfect Father, God.

While human fathers are designed to represent God's excellence, by their very definition as human, they fail.

Even excellent human fathers unknowingly train their children that if the children obey and “perform” perfectly, their human fathers will “love” them. With every day, their children are encouraged to “perform” to “earn” increases in their fathers’ love.

Though human fathers never realize it, their love is stained by their humanity.

In absolute contrast, God your Father wants you to know that when He sent Jesus , He commissioned Jesus to accomplish all things necessary to restore you to the Father-child relationship with God that God Himself desires.

When Jesus triumphed in His mission, when Jesus shed His Blood and willingly offered up His life for you, He ensured that you would enjoy relationship with God as your Father. Further, this moment Jesus and God’s Spirit are praying for you to grasp this Truth.

Relationship with God as Father is based completely on Jesus’ performance … not yours. There is nothing you can do to cause Him to love you any more than He does right now. This moment, He loves you with all His vast Heart, not holding anything back. Unlike human fathers’ love, God’s love for you is absolutely pure , unstained by any sin or impure motivation.

In one Bible verse (Jeremiah 32:41) He emphasized that He loves you “…with My whole heart and with My whole being.

The Truth is that there is a place within God your Father’s Heart that is yours alone. He has given you free will and He respects your ability to choose relationship with Him for yourself. If for any reason you reject His free gift of your own home within His Heart, though in His faithfulness your place will be reserved for you eternally, by your choice, your home in His Heart will remain empty forever.

While He forgets your sins, while He casts your wrong choices as far from Himself as east is from west, it is, was, and always will be impossible for Him to forget you or stop grieving for what your choices have cost you.

Alternate Text

This, too, is eternal Truth:

Then you shall call , and the Lord will answer ; you shall cry, and He will say, “Here I AM. ”
[Isaiah 58:9]